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Car Ionizer Air Purifier
This car ionizer is a portable air purifier and freshener that is great for cars,trucks,boat,RVs, it basically purifiers the air

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Car Ionizer Air Purifier and Air Freshner

• Release large amount of negative ions that can effectively remove dust pollen and smoke in the air.
• Kill harmful bacteria and viruses and dispel unpleasant odor
• Enhance metabolism and relieve fatigue
• Eliminate Peculiar smell and increase alertness while driving
• Enjoy Fresh air with this car ionizer

Plug car ionizer into the car cigarette lighter and make sure the light indicator comes on to ensure the device is working.
Comes with a 1 year warranty!


• Voltage: 12 V/DC
• Power: 0.8w
• Negative ion concentration 3,800,000 pcs/cm3
• Ozone Output: 3mg/h    • Working Temperature: -10c to 40c
• Unit Size (L X W X H): 125 X90X33 (mm)
• Unit Net Weight: 30
• Application area: car, home, office

This car ionizer is a portable air purifier and freshener that is great for cars, trucks, boat, home and office. It basically purifiers the air, remove smoke, dust and bad smell. It comes with a strong smoke dispelling function and produce large amount of negative ions (3.8 million/cc).

UPC: 859456003024
Name : Todd
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Review : I bought this and it works great in the car. Any smell I had before is gone. Will be purchasing for gifts for family and freinds for Christmas.

Name : Joe
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Review : I used this product for my car and truck and it works great. No more bad odors like food and smoke in my vehicles.

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