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Atlas 303 Powerful Ionizer with 3-Plate Ozone System

 by bahadori_m on 11 Sep 2022 |
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ATLS - 303 Atlas Air Purifier   Negative Ion, 3 Plate Ozone Production and UV Kills Germs, Kills Bacteria, Kills Virus, Coronavirus,covid-19,Ionizer 3 Plate Ozone System UV Pre filter HEPA Air Purifier (atlasairpurifier.com)  

Negative Ion Rotating Activated Carbon Hepa Filter Air Purifier ATLS7

 by bahadori_m on 22 Sep 2021 |
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ATLS7 Atlas Rotating Air Purifier can be useed in many areas such as waiting rooms, hotels, homes, and offices etc. where the need of purified air is very important. The particular model of carbon purifier has been specifically designed to work effectively even in the areas where air filtration is excessively required. This 3-in-1 filter helps in filtering all the harmful carbon-containing chemicals which are present in the air.  Large pollutants are likewise trapped in the washable pre-filter of this purifier with the use of negative ion generator technology. The model has come out to be so much convenient as it comes built-in timers as well. The timer can be set for up to 8 hours depending upon your need.  

Atlas Air Purifiers and COVID-19 Prevention

 by bahadori_m on 08 Feb 2021 |
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Do you know the reasons people are stocking up on high powered air purifiers for COVID-19 prevention? From nose masks to hand sanitizers, disinfection sprays, and touchless garbage cans, many essential products are in a constant push towards fighting the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic. As reported by medical experts, one other essential item incorporated into the fight against COVID-19 is the air purifier. Generally, the best air purifiers are characterized by their ability to help get rid of pollens, dust, smoke, and other irritants from the atmospheric space. However, several reports revealed that a good air purifier like the Atlas Air Purifier ATLS303 could go a long way towards exterminating dangerous airborne bacteria and other components. According to the Center for Disease Control, air purifiers such as the Atlas Air Purifier ATLS303 can help reduce airborne contaminants like viruses either in the home or in a confined area. In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also revealed that air purifiers help to bring about additional ventilation, especially when additional air with the outdoor space seems impossible. Similarly, it is believed that indoor air tends to contain a higher level of pollutants than outdoor air. This is because the indoor air lacks adequate ventilation and recirculation of air. However, air purifiers like the Atlas Air Purifier ATLS303 help ensure that people do not find it difficult to breathe easily considering external stressors. Can Atlas Air Purifier ATLS303 Really Help with COVID-19? You might wonder if air purifiers truly help prevent viruses like COVID-19. The short answer is yes- and no. As reported by the Center for Disease Control, air purifier units like the Atlas Air Purifier ATLS303 has the potentials of reducing the airborne concentration of viruses that could cause COVID-19, which are the SARS-CoV-2. Ultimately, this drastically reduces the airborne transmission of this virus from one person to another. However, you should know that air purifiers aren’t enough to protect you and your family from contracting the virus. Other practices that could protect you against the virus include regular hand washing, physical distancing, the wearing of nose masks, and so forth. Similarly, air purifiers doesn’t only target harmful bacteria and viruses. They help to eliminate the level of odors around your house while also filtering out smells. As wildfires continue to battle some parts of the world, air purifiers like the Atlas Air Purifier ATLS303 have become the top of consumers' minds. Looking for an easy and effective way to eliminate virus causing germs, bacteria, and COVID-19 viruses from your surrounding atmosphere, purchase Atlas Air Purifier ATLS303. For other high-end air purifiers, visit Atlas Air Purifier Store.  

Atlas Air Purifier washable HEPA ionic Air Purifier Cleaner Ozone Ionizer 300RH02

 by bahadori_m on 08 Feb 2021 |
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Air purifiers are quite enticing. They primarily function to help cleanse the air in your environment, especially your home, ensuring that all the impurities such as dust, smoke, odors, and pet dander are entirely eliminated. Obviously, the indoor atmosphere tends to be five times higher in accommodating pollutants than the air outside of your home. If you are a resident of areas suffering from natural disasters or pollution, there is a high tendency that you’ll have bad air creep into your home or apartment in large quantities. Are you worried about the presence of temporary pollutants outside of your home? Do you want to get rid of particles and pollutants such as smoke or exhaust in the atmosphere outside of your home? That’s why you need air purifiers like our washable HEPA ionic Air Purifier Cleaner Ozone Ionizer 300RH02. This air purifier will significantly help to neutralize some of the threats posed by air pollution in your home. Of course, not all air purifiers necessarily live up to this expectation, but our washable HEPA ionic Air Purifier Cleaner Ozone Ionizer 300RH02 is specifically designed to help with all these issues. How Does Air Purifier Work? Usually, an air purifier consists of a filter or multiple filters. Apart from that, it also includes a fan that sucks in and enhances the circulation of air. As the air enters and passes through the filter, it captures particles and pollutions while a clean atmosphere is pushed back into the living space. Filters are typically made of paper, mesh, and they often require replacement at regular intervals. This will help maintain efficiency. The frequency of replacing your filters depends largely on the type of the purifier and the usage. While some filters are reusable and washable, others require conditioned maintenance. Generally, reusable filters are more functional in eliminating large particles from the air, such as dust, dirt, and pollen. Ultraviolet light filters are also available in the market, functioning in eliminating biological impurities such as bacteria and mold. However, they require high wattage and increased exposure in order to function effectively. Other air purifiers are made with ionizers that they use to attract particles such as static negative ions bond, dust, and allergens. If you are interested in purchasing the best air purifier with an ionizer, you should purchase our washable HEPA ionic Air Purifier Cleaner Ozone Ionizer 300RH02. For further inquiries about this air purifier, visit our brand website at Atlas Air Purifier.

Do Air Purifiers Actually Work?

 by bahadori_m on 30 Dec 2020 |
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Home air purifiers are receiving much larger attention all across the world. This is partly as a result of their response to issues relating to air quality. Of course, every home is designed to offer the inhabitants one major thing. And that's to serve as a shelter for the inhabitants. In reality, many people tend to spend a larger percentage of their time indoors rather than outdoors like the past generations. As a result of this, people tend to get exposed to a much larger percentage of indoor particles and pollutants, which could cause several health issues. Despite numerous promises, do air purifiers fulfill their actual purpose? Are they reliable solutions to eliminate indoor particles and pollutants? The short answer is yes but to a degree. Let's take a brief look at how these air purifiers work and whether they are really worth considering as an addition to your home or not. How Does Air Purifiers Work? Essentially, air purifiers like Atlas Air Purifier ATL300A work by sanitizing the surrounding atmosphere. It is believed that the atmosphere may harbor several pollutants, particles, toxins, and allergens. Unlike oil diffusers and humidifiers, air purifiers are the exact opposite when it comes to how they perform their functions. Air Purifiers like the Atlas Air Purifier ATL300A also works differently compared to air filters. How? While filters only remove particles and pollutants, air purifiers go further by sanitizing the air after eliminating the particles. Ultimately, the specific particles removed by an air purifier depend largely on the type and make of the air purifier you chose. While there are air purifiers specifically manufactured with an inbuilt filter that helps trap particles as air passes through them, there are other air purifiers that neutralize these particles without filtering them out first. A typical example of such is our Atlas Air Purifier ATL300A. This air purifier emits negative ions, which help to attract positive ion particles in the sir. Ultimately, neutralizing them. Atlas Air Purifier ATL300A is highly efficient and effective at keeping your indoor air free of particles and pollutants. For more information regarding our Atlas Air Purifier ATL300A, visit our website now.  
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