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Air Purifiers for Virus and Bacteria

 by bahadori_m on 12 Jan 2021 |
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Of course, bacteria and viruses are diseases causing organisms. When a person is infected with bacteria, it could result in strep throat, tuberculosis, and a host of other infections. On the other hand, viruses could cause diseases like the common cold, chickenpox, and flu. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also revealed that harmful airborne germs could lead to allergies and asthma.
How to Prevent Yourself from Catching a Virus
In most cases, humans are carriers of airborne diseases, especially in the home and workplaces. When someone coughs or sneezes, droplets filled with viruses spreads and scatters all over the surroundings. This quickly fills the air and the surrounding atmosphere. The reabsorption of these droplets by other people unknowingly could lead to sickness.
In cases where there are no coughs or sneezes, germs have the capacity of traveling up to six feet away. Research also reveals that some viruses spend hours in the atmosphere.

Atlas Air Purifier Help Prevent Bacterial and Viral Infections
An air purifier like ATL303CHO can help prevent you from getting infected with several airborne bacteria and viruses. A typical example is sneeze filled cold, common flu, and even COVID-19 virus.
ATL303CHO captures and gets rid of bacteria and viruses.
The ATL303CHO doesn't only capture harmful bacteria and viruses. They are made with HEPA technology, which also kills these germs. Apart from that, our internal test confirms that 99% of these germs will be captured and killed by our ATL303CHO air purifier, leaving them unable to reproduce and spread.
To purchase our quality Atlas Air Purifier, visit our ATL303CHO Air Purifier website.


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